Utah Governor Gary Herbert together with renowned mountaineer Conrad Anker and Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) executive director Ted Wilson highlighted five years of success in improving Utah’s air quality at UCAIR’s second annual Air Quality Summit, held February 2nd at the Tower at Rice Eccles Stadium.

 “We have had great success improving Utah’s air quality, but there is still a lot of work to be done,” said Herbert.

Herbert also declared February 2, 2017 as “Ted Wilson Day” to honor Salt Lake’s Former Mayor and UCAIR Executive Director for his tireless work to make Utah a better place for future generations. Wilson is retiring later this month.

“Utahns can accomplish anything when we work together,” said Wilson. “The future of Utah’s air quality is in good hands thanks to the remarkable partners UCAIR has had the pleasure of working with.”

UCAIR also recognized three outstanding organizations for their contribution to improving Utah’s air:

Zions Bank: Business of the Year

Zions Bank leads the way not only their individual efforts on clean air, but also by providing leadership in the business community. Highlights of Zions Bank’s efforts to improve Utah’s air include encouraging employees to TravelWise, financing projects that provide better air quality efficiency for power generation and transportation and sponsoring clean air initiatives like the Energy-Air conference and UCAIR’s Bright Sky initiatives, a competition of innovations in air quality technology.

Non-Profit Organization of the Year: Utah Clean Energy

Utah Clean Energy is a leader in approaching air quality solutions in a broad and integrated way. Some of their achievements include supporting the strong movement for renewable energy through solar installations, working with power utilities to expand energy efficiency and sponsoring an incentive programs for those purchasing electric vehicles stimulating almost 200 electric cars now on the road.

Clean Air Person of the Year:  Provo Mayor John Curtis

Mayor Curtis is commonly known as a “Green Mayor in a Red City” for his ongoing efforts on clean air and sustainability. He formed an air quality action team with the assistance of City Councilman Hal Miller and Don Jarvis of Provo Sustainability, organized a clean air tool kit available on Provo City’s website, established an air quality task force with the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, promoted anti-idling at local schools and funded an air quality education program for school children.

Congratulations to Zions Bank, Utah Clean Energy and Mayor Curtis! Thank you for your comittment to clean air.