With the topic of sustainability becoming more and more relevant the idea to start Smart Rain came in 2012.  From conception Smart Rain has taken off servicing not only high end commercial properties, but also government buildings, schools, city parks, retail spaces, and residential.  Smart Rain has been able to fill a gap customers needed that not many contractors have even realized was there.  They have been able to upgrade irrigation systems to help with water efficiency and conservation which in turn saves customers immensely on water bills.  Smart Rain’s mission is to grow to be a nationally known brand for water sustainability and help conserve our most valuable natural resource.

Since Smart Rain was started in 2012 it has installed hundreds of commercial sites and it still manages many of them on a daily basis today. They have filed and secured a patent on the process in which they provide water management. They have filed several more on the process and technology in which they are developing. They have saved their customers roughly 350 million gallons of fresh water and more than $1 million dollars on water bills.