Operating in over 100 countries, Hilton hotels are located in some of the world's most diverse and stunning locations - many of them dependent on nature's beauty and wonder.  At the same time, delivering great guest experiences is dependent on the use of many of these natural resources and creates both direct and indirect impacts on the environment.  We are investing in a wide range of initiatives to help our teams manage our environmental footprint better and preserve our planet's natural resources while supporting our global growth.  

Hilton Salt Lake City hosts some of the best sport teams and organizations in the United States.  We pride ourselves on presentation and customer service.  With a hotel property of 499 guestrooms, we have a HUGE responsibility to make sure we conserve but also that we educate our employees and guests to help them to conserve in their own homes.

Hilton has a state of the art website called Lightstay which helps us to measure our impact on the environment and set goals. The website allows us to enter our bills from water, electricity gas and garbage, and then shows us how we stack up against other hotels in our region.  Through these stats, we also are given certifications recognized throughout the world.  We can measure our impact on the environment and set goals each quarter and actually see the reduction of usage by implementing different plans.

Our hotel and company also celebrate Earth Day each year and World Water Day, some of the projects that we have completed with these events are having guests understand statistics of usage in the Hotel and worldwide by playing a matching game at front desk, and bringing water bottles out of the room and putting up more sustainable water stations in the lobby to promote reusing water bottles and preventing less waste.  We also have a card placed in each Guestroom which reads: “Would you like to help us make a difference?  Our "Conserve to Preserve" program helps us to save water and energy in all of our laundry facilities. If you’d like to help, it’s really simple. Your Hilton Serenity Collection linens and towels are freshly laundered for your arrival. We give you the choice for when you would like to have them changed. For bed linens, our standard is to change your bed linens every three days and again after check-out. If you would like your linens changed sooner, please place this card on your pillow in the morning. Bath towels should be placed on the hook or towel bar to use again.  If you leave a towel on the floor, it will be picked up and laundered.” Having these cards and information in the room not only educates the guest but also helps us to conserve water altogether.

We also follow 10 tips throughout our hotel:

  1. We have a stop the drip program that everyone is aware of and reporting to our front desk to record in our MMS tracking system and get Engineering fixing these problems before larger ones happen. 
  2. Use water left over from meetings and offices to water plants or to fill up a mop bucket for later cleaning.
  3. Don’t leave taps running while cleaning rooms.  Use the sink or a bucket to hold water instead.
  4. Run dishwashers with full loads rather than when they are half empty.
  5. Steam rather than boil vegetables. We purchased a very nice steamer for our kitchen with this in mind.  It actually retains the vitamins more as well.
  6. Check basin and bath plugs are in good order and have effective seals.
  7. Implement a “one-flush” policy during the Guestroom cleaning.
  8. Consider installing water displacement devices on older toilets with excessive consumption.
  9. Consider installing low-flow taps or flow restrictors on all taps.
  10. Use Lightstay to track your water consumption and remember to celebrate your achievements!